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Sunrise rides part of enjoying spring weather

By Pam Bock

Eureka Columnist

I did it.

I dusted off Delta Blue, checked the tires and put my water bottle in the holder, and set off on an early morning ride. I rode east, into the beautiful rising sun. It was brisk but refreshing, and I had goose bumps for about half a mile.

The first hill warmed me right up, and the second hill had me panting – it had been awhile since my last ride. I marveled at the bright green surrounding me, and the pretty blooms of the wildflowers.  I think the  weeds that bloom are pretty, even the thistle which the birds love but gardeners and farmers dislike.

I cruised along letting my mind wonder not really thinking about anything in particular.  It felt good to just enjoy the ride and the peacefulness brought a calmness to my soul.  The serenity was much welcomed.

I think my bovine friends missed me. A few came to the fence and watched me go by.  I heard a turkey gobble and the sound of crows broke the silence.  As I rode, I began to hum and then eventually broke out in song, and just so you know I am not a singer but my animal friends don’t seem to mind.

I stopped and took a few pictures of the things that caught my eye.  I had to walk Delta up that darn hill I have yet to conquer!  Hopefully, that goal will be reached this summer.

The warm sun on my face and the fresh air enticed me to ride a little further, and I reluctantly turned around and headed home after a few miles.  I had chores to do, both inside and out.  I pedaled slower on the way back savoring each moment.

Once home, I started a load of laundry and headed back outside.  I had weeds to pull, flowerbed edges to trim and flowers to plant.  I filled bird feeders, birdbaths and water sources.  I was so excited to see my first hummingbird, and I hurriedly made up a batch of nectar and got out the feeder.  I think he was hungry and tired, and he perched on the feeder for awhile.  I noticed the bluebirds were nesting in the boxes I have along the fence.  I love this time of year when the world around me seems to come to life and burst with color and song.

My yard has been a sea of white, yellow, purple and varying shades of pink.  The bees have found the white and red clover, and the blackberry vines are blooming.  The sheer joy of each of these things brings a big grin to my face, and I marvel every time how much beauty can still be found in this harsh world.  I’m glad I am a simple girl at heart and I am very grateful for all the blessings I find around me.

We had planted the cool weather vegetables (cauliflower, cabbage and Brussels sprouts) and they were flourishing.  However, the gate didn’t get latched well and the sheep decided that salad mix was too good to pass up, and ate every one of my plants, They better be glad I don’t eat lamb.  I sure was looking forward to harvesting the first crop,

I eventually got back to working, and completed my outdoor tasks and moved inside by mid-afternoon.  I finished the laundry, and dusting (which by the way is my least favorite task) and all the routine cleaning chores.

I could then start cooking, which I enjoy, and I made a beautiful prime rib, mushroom rice casserole, sautéed squash and onions and potato salad.  I need to be sure and tell my husband what a lucky guy he is – I only ate the squash and potato salad – not a fan of prime rib, but he is.

He also would rather have any type of rice versus potatoes.  He grew up farming and his dad worked at Riceland Foods, and rice has always been a main staple in his home.  Now, some rice with sugar and milk is my kind of eating.

I am thankful for each day, and I look forward to riding every chance I get.  Find something you enjoy, and be happy with the simple beautiful things we are blessed with.