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Lives can be restored and be productive again

By Mary Murphy

New Enon Community

What does it mean to be We the People?

I look at neighborhoods that seem to be fading into nothingness, and young people claim they cannot find jobs. Yet, we see signs everywhere reaching out for workers, but many are destroying themselves with drugs or alcohol.

How quick they forget that your employment record follows you everywhere. Clear the slate and stay clean. You are the future of our community, so pitch the attitude and the devastating lifestyle that is keeping you on the bottom of the heap

There are so many business people and others who want to help restore your life, if you let them.

Many family and friends who live from house to house, car to jail, life to death, are going nowhere fast, or nowhere in between.

Do not let anyone sway the job is not worth the sacrifice. It’s about equity building in your life, not in waiting for a handout. Continue searching and reaching for the gift the Lord has for you.